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Asexual Weddings


The night ends. The couple goes to their hotel room together. Everybody knows what happens when the wedding is over. They’ll be up all night…

… Eating the rest of the wedding cake.


good reasons to headcanon a character aro/ace

  • you believe they don’t experience romantic/sexual attraction
  • you are aro/ace spectrum and want to relate to them more

bad reasons to headcanon a character aro/ace

  • they’re emotionally distant/have trouble making friends
  • you don’t like them/want to ship them with anyone


Today my friend came over, and he was like “hey if you are ever interested in experimenting with girls I have a friend who is in to you” and I was like “aw gee. Tell her I’m flattered but I’m not really into girls. Or guys.” And he was like “oh being asexual is cool.” I nonchalantly sort of accidentally came out to my friend and it was good and not awkward at all and oh my gosh it was really nice.