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Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge



A thing I may or may not participate in, but definitely want as many people to try as possible. A big problem for asexual geeks (and grey-a’s, demisexuals, and other people on the spectrum) is the lack of representation we get in the fandoms that we spend most of our time participating in. To this, I say let’s take our favorite characters and mold them to reflect us. 

Participate in this challenge in any way you want on Asexual Awareness Week (Oct 26 - Nov 1). Edits, gifs, fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, just copy-pasting this and listing them out one by one, literally in any way you contribute to the fandom on a day to day basis. 

Day 1: A male character you see as asexual. 
Day 2: A female character you see as asexual. 
Day 3: A character you see as grey-a or demisexual. 
Day 4: A ship you would like to see as an asexual one. 
Day 5: A male character you see as aromantic. 
Day 6: A female character you see as aromantic. 
Day 7: A ship you would like to see as a platonic one. 

Reblog this to spread awareness, please, and tag your edits/whatever as ‘aawfc’. I’m gonna be tracking the tag and reblogging a ton of them for the fandoms I’m in. And I have a ton of ace followers who will probably love to do the same. 

raganiazumi lets do this :) 

I want to make like business cards or bookmarks that just say we are not invisible and has a QR code. Then it brings up to an asexual awareness site.



hey guys, I just had a pretty cool idea. you know how next week (october 26- november 1) is asexual awareness week? it is INCREDIBLY important that everyone, asexual AND allosexual, makes it a Huge Freaking Deal. let’s make it blow up. let’s make it so that next year is asexual PRIDE, not AWARENESS. 

This is really important. Everyone deserves awareness and pride in their identity! Keep this in mind next week.


hey sex repulsed asexuals and romance repulsed aromantics i love u all and ur all perfect 


if there’s sassy gay friend can there also be sarcastic asexual friend


it’s ok to not be sure about your sexuality/gender ok guys? no matter how old you are. even if you’re in a relationship. even if you told everyone one thing. it’s really ok to not be sure because you’re growing and learning more about yourself ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

Broke 1000! 

Thank you everyone! 


Asexuality: The Invisible Orientation - Pleasure Mechanics



Hey, I’m on a podcast over at Pleasure Mechanics. This is one of the best interviews I’ve had. Chris doesn’t just ask the basics; I get to talk about some very nuanced asexuality-related stuff, including graysexuality; the difference between sexual, romantic, and sensual attraction; the importance of community; and what asexual people can learn from and teach other communities. Chris is a sensitive listener, validates my perspectives and builds on them, and—believe it or not—actually read my book before having me on.

I think you folks who are sick of the same old interviews might really enjoy listening to this thirty-minute podcast (despite a few Skype glitches that marred the recording).

I don’t believe they release transcripts, but if anyone does eventually transcribe it, please let me know!

It never ceases to amuse me (in a very good way!) that many of the people who take swankivy seriously while interviewing her/publishing her articles and show respect towards the community are from sex-related magazines or websites. Like, wow, you’d almost think we’re not a giant group of organized slut-shamers like some parts of tumblr want to believe.

ABSOLUTELY and thanks for saying that, though the attitude you’re describing definitely is not a sentiment I’ve just seen on Tumblr. It may seem counterintuitive to some people, but actually sex therapists, sex workers, sexological bodyworkers, sexologists, and sexuality educators are one of my major links to large groups of people who want my content. My first compensated writing gig was in a sex-positive magazine (Good Vibrations), and every one of my blurbers for the book was a sex educator or sexuality professional of some kind (Carol Queen, Charlie Glickman, Kendra Holliday, Violet Blue, and Mark Carrigan—who is not a sexuality-specific sociologist, but he does study it).

They give the most sensitive interviews, tend to have the most relevant questions, and often seem to have a simply more clued-up understanding of both the language and the experiences of diverse communities. There are exceptions—Dan Savage does come to mind—but for the most part people who actually study sex and devote their lives to validating/improving people’s experiences where sex is incorporated are actually interested in hearing asexual dialogues. They want to know how to help us, how to be sensitive to us, and how to help other people understand us—and not accidentally or intentionally hurt us in their own pursuit of pleasure.

Contrast this with the mainstream interviews that often consist of nothing deeper than “what’s asexuality? so, masturbation? so, what do you mean you can still have a relationship if you don’t have sex? tell me about how lonely you must be and how you’re missing out on THE human experience and probably had a really weird childhood!”

Yeah, give me the sexuality professionals any day.


tbh the fact that asexuals get ‘awareness’ and not ‘pride’ should immediately alert you to the severe degree of marginalization we face even and especially within the queer community 


Edit based on this post

I put them together pretty quick, but I was just pissed that there were ones for allies and not for Ace/Aro. So these aren’t official, but who cares? Use them anyway if you want!