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i am so protective of demis and gray aces

i am so protective of heteroromantic asexuals

i am so protective of them and so tired of people throwing them under the bus and saying they don’t count 



We seriously need to talk about asexuality more because my friend came out to me as asexual bi-romantic today and he said the reason he didn’t do it sooner was because he didn’t know there was a term for it


"omg stop acting like kids can decide they’re aro/ace" more like "I’m sorry but you have to go through X amount of years of self-loathing, confusion, self-endangerment, and alienation before you can be taken seriously"


Friendly reminder that there are asexual people of all sorts and kinds.  Some are sex repulsed and some are not.  Some are asexual because of traumatic experiences and some are not.  Never make assumptions!

I hope it is ok to follow, since I am not asexual, but my girlfriend is and tumblr recommended your blog and it seemed a nice blog.

Of course, everyone is welcome! 

It’s sweet that you want to know more because of your girlfriend. :) 




So to me ‘the 1%’ can either mean aces/aros or like, corrupt businessmen and that’s confusing sometimes because I identify with one of those groups and kinda hate the other

Now I want to write “The One Percent of the One Percent,” an epic saga of stupid-rich ace/aro people.



If you call an asexual person a ‘challenge’, you have literally just said “This person does not feel sexual attraction, so therefore they are a challenge” which translates to “I want this person to have sex, even though they don’t want to have sex”

There’s a word for that. Rape. When you call an asexual person a ‘challenge’, you are reinforcing rape culture.